Q:  What does Agent Branch do?

A:  Agent Branch creates a more efficient marketplace to develop between real estate agents who are looking for a place to hang their license, and brokers who would like to have those agents come work with them.

Q:  Do we really need that?  Can’t agents just go talk to whatever brokers they want to?

A:  We think you might like it!  Sure, you can always talk to whatever broker you want, but is that efficient?  Not to mention, you have no idea if that broker is compatible with what you are looking for and if you’d be spinning your wheels.  With Agent Branch, you can focus on the brokers that we think will be a best fit for your goals and objectives.

Q:  What happens to my contact information?  Do you sell it to other companies?

A:  No!  Agent Branch maintains its own internal database of users, and will only use your information to make introductions to brokers that we think are a good fit for you.  We will also never notify your current broker and all communication will remain private and confidential.

Q:  I’m an agent looking for a new place to hang my license.  How much does it cost to sign up with Agent Branch?

A:  Nothing!  Agent Branch is a free resource for agents who would like to get a feel for what brokers are offering, and also provides introductions to brokers who fit the criteria you request.

Q:  How does Agent Branch stack up against the competition?

A:  Is there even any competition?  Not really, go Google “Real Estate Agent Recruitment” and come back here.  We’ll wait.  Are you back?  Ok… so you might have found “The Real Recruiter” which is mainly stuck behind a paywall and requires you to pay for any of their services, either as an agent or a broker.  Other than that, there isn’t really anyone else providing this service.  We’ll let you be the judge of how much you like our site as compared to theirs.

Q:  Will my current broker find out I’m using Agent Branch?

A:  No, we will never notify your broker, and our system is designed to avoid accidentally pairing you with your own broker when we suggest brokers for you to meet with.  We place your confidentiality over everything else.

Q:  As a broker using Agent Branch to augment my recruiting efforts, how do I know the agents I’m being paired up with are qualified?

A:  We require agents input data about themselves and their transactional history, creating a profile of sorts.  We then allow you, as the broker, to specify what kind of agents you’d like to meet with.  Do you only want agents that have been in the business three years or less?  5 years or more?  Completed 50 transactions?  Complete zero transactions?  Whatever you want, that’s what we’ll pair you up with.

Q:  As a broker, can I test out some free leads to see if the agents you send me are actually what I’m expecting?

A:  Of course!